City of College Park Council Meeting

Starting Date: 09-07-2022
Starting Time: 6:30pm

3667 Main St.
College Park, GA 30337
United States
The City of College Park has annexed an area surrounded on all 3 sides by the City of South Fulton, where they are seeking to rezone the backyards of the citizens of South Fulton to place the largest Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage System in the world. These systems are composed of toxic, cancerous, explosive chemicals. The group contracted to do the planning and zoning is The Collaborative Firm, LLC. headed by Michael Hightower, a convicted felon when he was the Commissioner of the same district. Nextera Energy is the developer, who owns Florida Power and light and Gulf Power. They are negligent; google Florida Power and Light Deaths and Gulf Power has a long reputation for paying off the Public Service Commission. When Jake Horton was traveling to Atlanta to tell on Gulf Power, then a Southern company asset, he was killed in a planned plane crash. No one was arrested. Gulf Power later admitted to paying off the PSC. The last EPA chief, under President Trump lived in a home owned by a top lobbyist for Florida Power and Light. FPL's negligence in trimming trees alone has cost twice as many deaths than all other Florida Utilities combined. They claim that these systems are safe, yet they have planned this 60 acre development in the backyards of black people in south Fulton while failing to notify them of hearings for public input, holding zoom meetings which cannot be attended due to Airport interference with signals and noise when people try to go outside to participate. There are many elderly and poor persons who cannot afford internet, or understand how to participate via zoom. This energy that is being proposed to charge the batteries has been sold to the Georgia residents at retail, and now, the excess which is unnecessary, is being resold at avoided energy costs, which is low. Proposing to place this facility on the backs of blacks is racial, energy and environmental injustice.

Geographical Scope: Metro
Government Meeting
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