We want grassroots activists and other Energy Justice supporters to blog on our website.

First you can email Aaron to apply to get an account.  Let us know who you are, any groups you are involved in, and what topics you might write about.  Aaron will review the application to make sure you aren't a spammer and approve your account.

Then you can write blog posts!

What to Write About

Share what is going on your community, state, or country.  Post an article with a short comment.  We love to hear about community organizing.  We also want to hear about proposed facilities so that we can fight them.  We want to hear about operating facilities and their impact on communities.  We like to know about new research.


You have the choice of writing your post in an editor that looks like a word processor (aka WYSIWIG - What you see is what you get), or in html.  We welcome your feedback and questions about how to use these two editors.

Adding a Link

In WYSIWIG, you can add a link by highlighting a word or several words where you want the link to appear - and then clicking on the Link button.  You can also use this method to add an Email link.

Adding an Image

Images enrich blog posts and it is great if you can include one (or more). The easiest method is to post an image by using the Image button and linking to one hosted on another website.

Getting Published

Once your post is written, we will review it and post it on the homepage if it is appropriate.

Getting Famous

Your post will be distributed on our blog. In addition, if you have a hot topic and can think of some good keywords (Ex. Obama 2012 environment) that are both relevant and likely to get search traffic, then we can run a Google ad campaign to get people to read your post.


Beyond Blogs - Writing Pages

If you want to write (or edit an existing) page about an issue to build up our Online Library then this is best handled with Pages.  These differ from blog posts in that they are intended to be more permanent.  We organize them into our menu system.  If you want to write or edit pages, we'd be happy to give your account permissions to do so!


Contact Us

If you have any suggestions for improving this process or need help - Email Webmaster.