Nurse Speaks Out on Biomass Health Threats

- by Debbie Martinez, RN, Gainesville, Florida

As a registered nurse I find it alarming that Alachua County’s huge medical community has remained silent on dangerous smokestack emissions as more research now demonstrates that air pollution from the city’s planned biomass incinerator will pose a significant health risk to adults, children and the unborn within a 200 mile radius of GRU’s Deerhaven site.


On April 4, pediatrician Bill Sammons came to Gainesville to present growing data that describes how tiny nano-particles of numerous toxic incinerator emissions can travel through the lungs, into the bloodstream and lodge in vital organs — including the brain. The consequence of breathing these particulates is increased incidence of heart disease, cancer and neurological disorders like autism.

Go to the Facebook group page Gainesville Biomass Plant Issues to hear Dr. Sammons’ interview and find out more.