Largest Ground Source Heat Pump Installation in UK Poultry Sector

- September 1, 2015, Farming Life

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"374","attributes":{"alt":"","class":"media-image","style":"width: 333px; height: 215px; margin: 3px 10px; float: left;"}}]]Renewable specialist TGE Group has been awarded a £1m contract to install a 1,300kW heat pump for a Shropshire poultry farmer to provide heat and cooling across four new poultry units.

On completion, the system will be the largest Ground Source Heat Pump installation in the UK poultry sector.

The project, currently in build, will be managed alongside the construction of the units to ensure the four, 50,000 bird capacity sheds are complete for late spring. The installation of five Geo Qube Ground Source Heat Pumps, manufactured specifically for the poultry industry, will deliver reactive heating and cooling to each building.

With 11,000m of vertical bore holes, the heat pump will deliver highly controlled temperature loads of 33⁰C, dropping to 20 ⁰C over the crop cycle. Under floor heating will accommodate the base heating load with fan coil units trimming the heating to maintain an accurate internal temperature across multiple zones. With floor, air and humidity sensors throughout the buildings, the system will ensure that birds gain weight in a controlled, comfortable environment enabling them to reach maximum growth potential increasing yield and profitability.

During warmer weather, the fan coils are capable of cooling, helping to reduce humidity and heat levels in conjunction with the ventilation systems, whilst re-charging heat into the well field. “Heat pumps have many benefits over biomass boilers for new poultry units,” explains TGE heat director, Matthew Evans.

“They eliminate the need for regular fuel deliveries on top of the other delivery activities involved on site, which can have an impact on planning. Service and maintenance requirements are higher with biomass, plus heat pumps offer the additional benefits of cooling and de-humidification.

“The initial, higher capital cost is soon recouped by the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), payable for ever unit of heat generated, making payback times similar to biomass. For this project, the payback period is just over four years, with £4m in savings and income over the 20 year RHI term. The system should also be eligible for tax relief from the 100% enhanced capital allowance.”

The advantages of renewable heat in poultry units over fossil fuels are considerable, not only financial, but also increasing bird welfare, generating less CO2 and humidity. The cost of heating new, highly insulated poultry units using LPG would be 5.4p/kWh. Heat delivered using heat pump technology is 3p/kWh*.

TGE Group was chosen for this project as it has a strong track record in delivering successful commercial heat pump projects. Recent work includes two award winning heat pump installations for a poultry farm in the West Midlands and for a Bellway Homes’ flagship residential development.

TGE Group provides renewable energy systems for clients in the commercial, agricultural and public sectors including award winning heat pump installations for farms and residential developments. The company covers all renewable energy technologies including solar, biomass and heat pumps to help customers reduce energy costs. The broad range of products also compliments their existing energy management and distribution services.